Sweet Confectioner Cat

Sweet Confectioner Cat

What is a Sweet Confectioner Cat?

The Sweet Confectioner Cat collection will sweeten your life! These cute cats have made your favorite cakes, you just have to find the most delicious ones.
999 different NFTs are made, so if you’re fast, you can get the rarest pieces. Purchases of all Sweet Confectioner Cats cost 0.009 ETH on the Polygon Blockchain network.

The 999 NFTs will be uploaded to the OpenSea marketplace by early May 2022.

Tevbe also has a Sweet Confectioner Cat game coming up in the near future, depending on the speed of programming.

I bought an NFT so now what? What can I actually do with this artwork?

Show more Your Sweet Confectioner Cat artwork will be associated with your wallet account, and automatically show up in your wallet. Beyond that, it’s up to you! You can print it, frame it, display it on a screen at home, use it as an avatar, or display it in a digital gallery somewhere in the metaverse! The main purpose of Sweet Confectioner Cat NFTs is investment. Buy one of the rarest, most unique Cat and store it for a while, then when the goods go up over time, sell it more expensive...